Looking for practical and original design coverings for your projects?

With R-Evolution Kit® you’ll have all the materials, tools and support you need to create floors and plaster that are real works of art.

Try the covering you’re looking for,
with R-Evolution Kit®.

Complete systems for creating moulded plaster and flooring, and microcement surfaces.

When a designer is searching for a truly exceptional covering, to meet both aesthetic and technical requirements, what they’ll find is a series of new cement compounds, resins and other solutions of the latest generation the most important factor of which is not only the quality of the material, but above all how the material is laid.

Sirio Group offers installers, designers and distributors decorative solutions of the latest generation for horizontal and vertical surfaces, with tools, courses and constant support

When you choose a special material in fact, it’s essential to be able to put your trust in reliable partners offering quality products with full support, so the installer can make the most of the exceptional features of these solutions.

The Product is nothing without the laying system

This is why the Sirio Group has created this unique offer:

Sirio Impact System®

is a system of tools and services offering the support and know-how necessary to create the ideal surfaces to meet any requirement on any kind of substrate.

The Sirio Group distributes premium Puma Group products also in the form of training.

Exception solutions =

quality product +
quality installer

Design, customisation and support.
Put us to the test
with R-Evolution Kit®

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