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Put us to the test with R-Evolution Kit®

R-Evolution Kit®.

The PUMA Group offer from the SIRIO GROUP is a recipe for quality coverings, , based on the experience and know-how of Italian craftsmen.

The test package lets you test the materials required, and comes with all the necessary tools and instructions.

Sirio Group support

The Sirio Group always has an expert available to answer any questions you might have about materials and laying techniques, useful and necessary tools, and provide information on storage, how to keep the covering in the best way and do maintenance, etc..


People who’ve tried Puma products and Sirio Group global support, don’t look back!

The quality of the products makes using them easy, leaving ample space for the creativity of the designer and craftsman.

This is why the Sirio Group has created a special test kit to show customers the full potential of Puma products and the importance of Sirio technical service.

R-Evolution Kit® lets you try the material free-of-charge to easily gain confidence with the simple laying procedures.

The free box contains:

Sample product

Choose the most suitable Puma material to suit your needs, from those of the latest generation.

Printed instructions

Step-by-step guide to lay the sample product on your own.

Instruction videos

Videos showing how to use the materials sent with the laying methods explained by specialised technicians.

Contact addresses and numbers

To plan pre- and post-test phone sessions, so Sirio can provide customer support in the product assessment phase.


Materials, moulds and tools required for: industrial flooring, moulded concrete flooring, thin moulded flooring, cloud-effect cement flooring, horizontal and vertical microcement surfaces, moulded plaster, decorative self-levelling cement flooring, jointless rubber flooring with inerts and resin.

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